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Having lived in New York City since 1989, I've learned a great, many things—some of them being; You should always walk with your head up, not down; Never stand directly under a lamp post where pigeons perch; Always expect the unexpected and Change is the only constant in life. Those are four very difficult life lessons, believe it or not. Somehow I have survived and am glad to say that I have.

Some of you visiting probably know of my last site—Manik Grafik. The last update on that site was performed in early 2005, so I thought it was time to retire a once, great site. As things tend to do on the net, it became outdated. Too many new technologies and too many new life changes prevented me from updating that site regularly. I have chosen to start anew with this site, instead.

Through the years I have had a lot of really great life changes. Though the photography has never changed, one of the biggest was my change of vocation. Since I am now fully entrenched in the technology sector, I thought it would be a great idea to feature a site where, in addition to my photography, I could write about the things that people most ask me about. You can expect to find musings on things like "The Cloud" and "Mobile", but you will also be able to find my take on what I think is the best photography kit available.

I encourage you to stop and take a look around. Read some articles and/or look at some of the pictures. I'd love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out to me on the "Shout Out" section. I will do my utmost to make sure I at least send an acknowledgment that I have read your email.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Shop Nikon
Looking for that next camera? Everyone knows I'm a huge fan of Nikon. Stop by their website and check out the latest and greatest.

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Mac Rumors
Here is one of the best places on the web to get up-to-date content regarding everything Macintosh/Apple. A great read!

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The Gear Shop
One of my favorite places on the web to check out gear. You can also read reviews on all of the models listed. This is a really great resource.

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