Prospect Park Volleyball Free Play

A great day spent in Prospect Park in Brooklyn. These boys really know a thing or two about volleyball. The day was mild, but rainy later on. I was able to clip off a couple of nice shots while we were there.

Kara Walker Exhibit: Domino Sugar Factory, Brooklyn Pier

Kara Walker is a contemporary artist who's work focuses on Race and the affects it has on society. Her latest local exhibit was in the Domino factory in Brooklyn. There she decided to use the medium to which this factory was built, sugar, and created some of the most striking images I have ever seen.

You can learn more about her work by
clicking on this link.

Upstate NY Farm Wedding

What a great weekend! We had the opportunity to witness one of our friends get married this weekend! We had a brilliant time at this lovely little farm upstate. The bonus was, this was a completely Gay owned and Operated, organic farm. The owners were simply the best hosts this couple could have ever asked for. These are just some of the pictures from this weekend.

Gaultier Exhibit: Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY

An absolutely powerful exhibit, no questions asked! I guess I never realized just how significant Jean-Paul Gaultier actually is/was. This was certainly an eye-opener for me. I truly enjoyed every minute going through this exhibit.

If you were unfortunate enough to have missed this, you can get a highlight by
clicking this link.

Storm King Art Center

Set on 500 acres, the Storm King Art Center is something to see! We spent the entire day roaming the grounds, and I still feel like we only saw about 1/3 of what this amazing place has to offer. Located about 35 miles north of New York City, Storm King Arts Center exhibits over 100 sculptures by some of today's most prolific artists. I highly suggest a trip if you ever get the chance.

If you would like more information about the Storm King Art Center, you can
click this link and you will be taken to their website.